Caldari being pushed too hard

Is there no corporation that focus in Caldari side? There’s gallente but there is no Caldari FW Corp.


Russian conoco is very active in north west Placid

Active yes, but outnumbered by Gallente. Is this because people farming or because of the Gallente Alliance

It’s because FW is broken.
So Caldari Alliaces gave up. Gallente moved to 0.0. Sometimes Gallente return and invade the space.

I see, i am thinking to join Caldari FW but seems like people stop playing FW

Citadels broke FW. :slightly_frowning_face:

Most Caldari have fled the area as well. Good time for a new group to come in and start building it back up.

There are some caldari around Asaki you may want to check out

Do you know which Corps that support Caldari FW?
The Templis CALSF is changing their activity last month iirc

Temples moved to null for now. They may return some day.

Heiian conglomerate is still around.

A number of gallente are down in null, a heavily one sided FW is dull and frustrating for both sides. Its why I left.

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