Caldari character for sale 26M SP

Selling myself

Positive wallet
Neutral security status
Placed in High sec
Caldari and Amarr Faction Standings at 7

Transfer will be paid with PLEX
ALL CCP rules apply


What is the buy out price you are looking for?

I haven’t been watching the market lately so I’m not sure what to expect.
I hope for a “decent” offer.

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19 bil

daily bump

20b waiting for your confirm.

daily bump. B/O is 22B if anyone is interested

22bil b/o

22 bil B/O accepted.
Please send account info and isk

i have sent account info and isk

ISK received. support ticked filled.
Thank you

Has the role started to shift?

i hope to get your pit-set answer.

Support ticket was created Yesterday at 14:02
It has still status OPEN

thank you for your information.

Character should be on your account now. Please confirm receipt of the character

Received account,happy transaction.

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