Looking to auction off this Caldari toon 36.3 mil sp

all ccp rules apply:

i will pay transfer
positive wallet
in high sec
remap available now with 2 bonus remaps
set of “standard” implants
can do level 3s with caldari state

starting bid 25bil
buyout will be negotiable

I’ll open the bidding with 26 bil

26.5 bil

27 bill

thank you for the bids

27.5 bil

28 B offer

28.5 bil

28.6 BIL

ya, sorry , that .1 bid increments wont cut it, i wont even entertain offers til they go north of 30bil

29 bil ready b/o

30b b/o
Is valid for 24h

thank you for the bids

bumpin on Sundays :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


31 bill

32 bill

32.5 b

33 bill

33.5 b