Caldari Factional Warfare. PvP whenever you want! Fairly Unkind People needs you! EUTZ!

Do you want to log in and be able to find content right away?

Do you want to earn ISK while fixing your PvP urge?

Then help us defend the beautiful Caldari State and kill Gallente scum! They pillage our planets, they shoot our spaceships and they look odd at our grannies! Join Fairly Unkind people and put a stop to the menace!

Fairly Unkind People was created with the goal to do PvP. Nothing more, nothing less. We enlisted in factional Warfare for the Caldari State which puts us on one side of the most active FW conflict. The corp will participate in Caldari fleets and support either defensive or offensive goals of the State.

We are based in Black Rise which is very close to Jita and its market. We have offices of the corp scattered around Black Rise at strategic places with an open hangar for ammo, charges, etc. These are free for all to use. We also have ships at these locations which can be used for quick reshipment if necessary.

The corporation does not have CTA’s or mandatory ops. Your time is your own and RL comes first always. We do aim to bring in pilots who like to fly in fleets whatever the size. Of course there is room for solo PvP as long as it is not exclusively solo. We do not force you to be on comms all the time except when we are in a fleet, then of course communication is key.

I hope that you are interested after reading this. The corp is small of course but I would like to grow it with like minded people.

What we offer

Mature atmosphere with leadership with plenty of experience and SP
PvP orientated 
Active, engaged, and approachable leadership 
Plenty of content: 
A relaxed, drama free atmosphere

What we are looking for

Self-sufficient, PVP focused players
EUTZ strictly
No hard SP limit
Pilots who want to help out other pilots

Join our channel FUP PUB and have a talk to find out more!

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