Caldari Industial Yards Inc (CIYI) is recruiting

(Drahcir Rotsuda) #1

Looking for miners, manufacturers, and haulers. If there is enough interest we will also be looking for escorts for mining operations. Will post more info at a later time.

(Drahcir Rotsuda) #2

Currently operating out of vallaine, aiming to be number one industrial Corp in the region. Already have enough blueprints to start manufacturing a few different items. Any questions just ask. Thanks

(Heelah Joe) #3

still looking? mail me in-game please

(D'ath'Raht Naari) #4

I’m interested mail me ingame !!

(Drahcir Rotsuda) #5

I will mail you either later tonight or in the morning depending on when I can get to the computer

(system) #6

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