Caldari Union Day YC124 Results

Hello patriotic Capsuleers!

The annual Caldari Union Day event ended this week and this year it included a new competition between the Big 8 Caldari megacorporations. Capsuleers could choose to support any of the megacorps for the event and the points they received as they demonstrated their combat, exploration, mining, and pvp skills were be added together with the other supporters until one megacorp emerged the champion!
The winning megacorp will be honored with a lucrative supplementary security contract to assist with the protection of Jita 4-4 until next year when a new Union Day event will choose another winning megacorp.

Without further ado, here’s the results of the YC124 Union Day competition!

Megacorp % of Points
1st Place Wiyrkomi 16.88%
2nd Place Ishukone 16.67%
3rd Place Nugoeihuvi 14.49%
4th Place Hyasyoda 13.91%
5th Place Lai Dai 13.88%
6th Place Kaalakiota 10.03%
7th Place Sukuuvestaa 7.17%
8th Place CBD 6.97%

This year’s competition was extremely close, with Wiyrkomi’s margin of victory over runner up Ishukone consisting of just 0.21% of the total points. I’d also like to point out the race for 4th place, where Hyasyoda edged ahead of Lai Dai in the last 24 hours of the competition to take the spot with a margin of 0.03% of the total points.

Here’s the same results in the form of a pie graph:

A monument honoring Wiyrkomi’s victory and a set of Wiyrkomi Peace Corps security ships will appear outside of the Jita 4-4 station in the coming days. Additionally, the top 100 contributing capsuleers for each of the eight megacorps will receive character sheet medals from their chosen megacorp’s CEOs thanking them for their assistance.

Thanks to everyone who played and we hope you had a good time with the event!


Can we get a list of the top 10 contributors of any corporation please? :slightly_smiling_face:


I first worked for Space Line Patrol starting out in EVE and then signed a contract with Wiyrkomi. Best 3 years of my life! I still work for Wiyrkomi to this day doing various distribution jobs for them. I am proud to see them take first place! I serve the state and my corporation without remorse!

See everyone next Union Day. Long live the state! My jacket is so nice. :grin:


@CCP_Fozzie When are the medals being handed out? :smiley:

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Hello everyone! The medals have now been distributed to the top 100 contributors for each megacorp. You may need to relog to see your medal if you were logged in when they were distributed.


It was a bit underwhelming that the medals don’t show ranks or that we know what impact we made, like total points for each corporation etc.

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Would it be possible to see the points for the companies to estimate the participation?

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