Calling All Capsuleers: Join Fleet Avengers [0.0FA] and Make a Difference in the EVE Universe!

Hello, fellow Capsuleers of EVE Online!

We are Fleet Avengers [0.0FA], a new and ambitious corporation looking to lay the foundation for a vibrant and successful EVE community. We are in search of trailblazers, risk-takers, and industrious capsuleers who aren’t afraid to venture into the unknown.

Whether you are an experienced player or just starting your journey with an alpha account, you are welcome in our ranks. Our corporation specializes in a diverse array of operations including mining, mission running, industry, anomaly runs, and exploration. We’re always looking to diversify our activities and we’re more than happy to welcome new members who can bring fresh perspectives and strategies to our corps.

Our latest and greatest endeavor has us exploring the thrilling and high-risk environments of low sec and null space. As a corporation, we’re looking to make our mark and carve out our corner of the EVE Universe. If the thrill of venturing into these unknown territories excites you, then we’re the corp for you.

Based in the US on the east coast, our most active hours are in the afternoon.

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