[ Fleet Angel's Security Corporation] [FA.SC] Recruitment

Ever wanted to live that low sec pirate life?

We’re a pirate group based in Black Rise.

Rouge Caldari Union [CURB] is our alliance, a few small tight knit groups make up CURB. One of which is us.

Fleet Angel’s Security Corporation or FA.SC for short.

What we do:
Small gang pvp.
Hit and run pvp.
Asymmetric warfare.
Cov ops.
WH / Null Raids.
No blues.
Neg 10.
We find content.

We, as a corp, are looking to expand our operations and have a need for additional veteran pilots who like to fight at a seeming disadvantage and come out on top. We all strive to improve and help each other improve but are not looking for new bros at this time. Recruitment is selective and requires experience and knowledge of eve to keep our operations streamline and efficient.

We are self sufficient and independent.
We have a few light doctrines.
We welcome capital alts but not in any way required.
We emphasize tailoring your ship to best compliment the gang.

If you think we may be a fit for you, join our Discord and say hello.

Bump for the morning!

UP we Go!

up we go!

still looking for professionals!

Up we go!


Up we GO!

Looking for more LATE U.S tz

Up we go!

Fighting the good fight

looking for more U.S tz PILOTS!


Still looking for more U.S tz pilots!

To the top.

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