FA.SC Looking for USTZ Veterans

We’re a USTZ PVP Corp based in FADE.

Fleet Angel’s Security Corporation or FA.SC for short.

WE FORM V0LTA [GLHF] is our alliance, a few small tight knit group of corps focused on making good content for its members with few blues and most of the map is free to shoot.

What we offer:
Medium sized fleet engagement (No tidi)
Capital operations
Small gang pvp
Blops operations
Several ISK making options

We, as a corp, are looking to expand our operations and have a need for additional veteran pilots who like to fight at a seeming disadvantage and come out on top. We all strive to improve and help each other improve but are not looking for new bros at this time. Recruitment is selective and requires experience and knowledge of eve to keep our operations streamlined and efficient. We play the game to have fun. Toxic behavior will not be tolerated.

Application Requirements:
TS3 and Discord access
Willingness to join comms with a working microphone
Willingness to join fleets for timers when RL allows
ESI SeAT/Auths for your accounts
Capital Alts highly encouraged
Will be required to go on a roam with CEO while on comms prior to application acceptance

If you think we may be a fit for you, join our Discord and say hello.

Killboard - https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98402049/

Contact Information:
Discord - https://discord.gg/6RU5YPx
Public in game channel - FA.SC Public
Recruiters - Tesh Dar, Galthirion, Lt Lunar Lazair


Looking for solid vets to join the team!

Fights to be had gents FA.SC is looking for solid vets who are wanting to have good content with no tidi.

Br for your time. We welcome the blobs.

Happy Turkey day!

Still looking for vets wanting good solid content.

Contact us today!

Multiple opportunities for varied types of content, very organized and good people. If you are a USTZ vet I’d definitely recommend giving them a look.


Looking for more U.S vets!

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Quick rorq dunk and some subs for your time.
If you want content, with no politics, and handful of blues were the place for you!

Another day at the office!

Come get all the content your pvp heart can handle!

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