Calling all Long Time Solo Players!

We are looking for long time solo players that want to join a CORP where your experience and commitment to EVE will be recognized by a great group of pilots. We are small growing CORP with a Strategy & We play EVE every day, every night. We don’t have any rules/requirements that would alter what you are already good at, yet, what you are good at could be expanded with agility and with the fun of playing with other Similar minded & Dedicated EVE pilots in a relaxed atmosphere where real life always comes first. We use discord for comms and fleet ops.

If you feel like this is a fit for you, please reach out to me in game.

Undock & Lets GO!

I’ve been hanging out with Goldi for going on 10 years now. Playing Eve since 2005 with the same character. Our corp has a great core group of players - and we have a vision. Golid’s right - our corp is no pressure and rules and big on fun. Real life is high pressure and un-fun enough…why should the game you play also be that way?

If you’ve been playing SOLO and are on the fence about whether to continue to grind it out alone or combine forces with like minded players in EVE without feeling the need for all the rules - come and hang out with us.

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**Also been playing Eve a good long time (2006) CEEK totally suits my game style, I really enjoy getting on Eve and listening to the chatter and the ■■■■■■■■ and generally joining in when and where I feel i want to.

CEEK has a dynamic forward thinking strategy, which sees us all laughing when its funny and supporting each other when mistakes cause heartache.

We do it all, from the ridiculous to the sublime, Flysafe Brute **

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Alliance my corp so your pilots can visit our office in elduff
Robbiewon info there

Thanks for the offer & your reply, however; we have no short term plans to be part of any alliance :slight_smile:

We have a added several returning pilots this past week! Come join us!

2 more joined today! - Come join a great group!

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