Calling all players against slavery

So, as y’all are aware this week is a celebration of amarr. I don’t know what they’re celebrating, since their empire is built on slavery, but it’s their week.
I’m proposing that we, the players, end the amarr scum and their slavery business.
Minmatar are pretty shitty, as far as space faring empires go, and their ships look like rusted garbage, but in order for them to advance past rust and duct tape, it’s time to free them.
I’m calling on all capsuleer to join each other and kill any and all amarr capsuleers. Just wipe em out. Maybe reset their wifi so they don’t get new clones as we wipe them from existence.

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back to rens trash

btw the minmatar is way worst
the amarrians are the good guys
what you call “slavery” is no more than the application of the law on a bunch of murderous , rap(*&ˆ, warlords


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