The Amarr Empire proposes a 10 year program to end slavery within the Empire in exchange for Minmatar support during invasions

“The Amarr Empire proposes a 10 year program to end slavery with the Empire as a bargaining tool for support from Minmatar forces to help them against the Triglavian invasion.”

Would you help them?

This question was discussed with some Minmatar capsuleers and it seems that most Minmatar would help the Amarr if the program was definitive in its approach. It seems, unlike other factions our people are more important than our hatred.



I think it’s a hypothetical? IF this happened, would you support them.

Answer is yes, I would.


Ah, doesn’t sound like a hypothetical being in quotes. Natural assumption it came from some article. Perhaps Pol could clarify that it is hypothetical?

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Absolutely not.

They would have to be in terribly dire circumstances to make an offer like that.
One should not trust a cornered and desperate animal.

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The proposal would certainly bring me to the table, however it would take more than promises for me to help.

Yes guys, let’s trust an empire that think evryone else should be a slave.
An empire that for ages deal with slavery.

No, sorry, i am not that dumb

IF it were to happen, and the proposal included a number of verifiable, non-reversible action points for immediate implementation, then yes, I’d recommend supporting them. But there would need to be those non-reversible immediate action points, and we would need to be able to verify that they had been executed.

Kidnappers, rapists, murderers, and thieves who openly float treaty violations as a response to the actions of a mutual enemy are not to be trusted. But opportunities shouldn’t be overlooked, either.


Yes guys, let’s trust an invader that cares not about anything but destruction.
An invader that only cares about destroying stars.

No, sorry, i am not that dumb


What their detractors call “slavery” should probably be referred to as, more accurately, universal employment.

Still better then slavery

The Amarr call it ‘slavery’. It is not ‘employment’. It is the legal state of being the property of another human being.


Sure, when pigs become capsuleers. Then i’ll belive it…

No, I would not support it, as a 10 year implementation over an area as vast as the Empire would be logistically impossible. Proposing a 10 year time frame would in and of itself ring as a false promise. Though many may not want to hear it, a 50-100 year time frame would be far more reasonable-and much more likely to be not only feasible in terms of actual implementation, but also in terms of verification and enforcement.


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