An interesting idea of ending Minmatar-Amarr conflict

Throughout the forums we hear here and there, “Amarr should do this, Amarr should abolish slavery, Amarr this, Amarr that…”

By looking at the comments in other topic:

I decided to start a new conversation, since it goes beyond State/Republic relations and starts a branch of Minmatar-Amarr relations.

Lets look at the situation without bias. On one side we have Amarr, who live their lives, and defend themselves from Minmatar agression. And on the other side we have Minmatar, who attack Amarr because they can’t agree with the way Amarr live.

And we see Minmatar demanding to change Amarr way to conform it with Minmatar way (where slavery is illegal). It is clear that when they conform their ways about the slavery, there will be no reason for the war.

Again, Amarr Empire is happy about slavery, and they don’t care what Minmatar have in their territory.
Minmatar Empire is happy about their lack of slavery, and they do care what Amarr have in their territory.

Again, as we can see, it’s only Minmatar, who are unhappy with the other side (well, to the degree of starting war). Thus, instead of considering “Republic and Federation convinces Amarr do something” we should consider “Amarr Empire convinces Minmatar” to change their way.

And speaking about conforming ways about slavery, it should be:

Amarr Empire convinces Minmatar Republic to legalize slavery.

Ideas how to do that?

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What if Amarr Empire enslaves well known troll, and idiot circus performer Diana Kim to keep the IGS do clean?


Such a pity to see you lie so soon after making a bold statement…
Of course, we should all expect such hypocrisy from you by now, but just to place it as yet another permanent record of your inability to keep even your own internal policies consistent, let alone acknowledge reality.


I currently have a Caldari prisoner of war in my corporate office. He is in what is essentially Matari controlled territory, it being a space owned by my corporation, a matari affiliated pmc. How would you feel if I tortured him daily? If i decided, "I think your place is murdering your kin on my warship?

Multiply that by billions if not trillions.



Just the same way I feel about billions and trillions that are tortured currently by Gallenteans. The question was not about prisoners though, but about internal policy that Republic and Empire can’t agree on.

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Hmm, to me… Well, I think we can agree on one thing Kim, both of our people are fighters, we defend our own and what makes us us. The Gallante wish to change your own at its very core. Change its values change its everything. The Amarr? They wish to envelop us in their ideology, much like the Gallante with your own. Our fights aren’t all that different. Your millions/billions of caldari prisoners cry for the same savior, the same justice our trillions do. Only difference? The Gallante are done with us. The Amarr aren’t with you. If you think otherwise you are naive in your thinking. As another warrior I strongly doubt you can’t see what is to come for your own. A century of peace paid for with a millennium of hardship is no peace what so ever.

This idea that “Its in their territory so its not my concern” is rather disheartening. For someone defending their own as we do you can’t understand where our “aggression” comes from? Under that logic your home world should always fly the Gallante flag since, after all they took it. Its theirs now right? Doesn’t matter that the Caldari still living there are rightfully your people. Who cares right? Whats a couple billion between enemies? Before you speak of “well, this is our home,” this is our PEOPLE, the thing that makes a home a home. Please explain why we should turn a blind eye to our own suffering just because “its over” when you can’t seem to get over a frozen rock?

To be clear, that Prisoner I spoke of is probably drinking with people on the station or something. No he isn’t a prisoner, hes just waiting for the next logistic run to bring him to Jita. Caldari isn’t OUR enemy after all.


Please amend this to “Who attack the Amarr because they do not agree with their kinsmen being held as slaves”.
Don’t be obtuse, this is not a case of the Matari meddling in other people’s business, this is an offshoot of a captured nation attempting to reclaim their people. The same as if you invaded Gallente space to release Caldari POWs.
Unless you are arguing that the federation is within their rights to do whatever they wish to captured Caldari and that what they do is none of your business?


War is forever, as if we had the time to change the thoughts in their minds.
-Algy Ward

Several things need to happen for this to have the slightest glimmer of success. First of all, the Amarr need to be willing and ready to give up the practice of owning slaves completely. Second, the Federation and State both have to have the available manpower to take over for the significant amount of slave industry the empire is built on. Finally, there has to be a good financial reason to become intimitaly involved with another empire’s day to day management. I don’t see the state of the federation undertaking an impossibly huge process like his for humanitarian reasons.

The Matari have several good reasons they might want to see the Empire burn. I support them, it surprises me how many Khanid and Ni-Kunni remain ignorant to their own pasts.

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Some of them aware and act as if it’s wonderful. Not mentioning any gloriously-haired names.


So then you’re fine with the Gallente maintaining the hold they have on Caldari Prime, yes?


Though I understand Strike Commander Kim’s reason for suggesting this, I must disagree. There would be no righteous goal to the institution with the Matari like it is with the Amarr.

Ms. Ember, it is not some, it is nearly all… There are but a few apostates here and there that don’t realize the gift the Amarr gave to our peoples, and of course there are those unfortunate souls born and raised outside the Empire.

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It is, in fact, the Matari trying to get the Amarr to stop meddling in our peoples’ business.


Baby steps, Sweetie, we don’t want to overwhelm her viewpoint all at once.


Why is it just the Amarr who have to give up owning slaves? Don’t other races own slaves as well? It seems odd to me that one race should have to give up a practice to satisfy another when I’m sure there are Minmatar who own slaves.

Not saying this because I believe it’s right, just a statement of curiosity.

To clarify, this is in reference to @Wolfgang_Jannesen 's post.


Ma’am, as far as I understand, the Republic isn’t really righteous, and my suggestion would not change it into either being more righteous or less. It was just a practical and peaceful solution to stop them from waging war against the Empire.

Of course, I will prefer though simply defeating them and render them unable to wage war physically.

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The Empire is not responsible for breaking the peace. The Matari are most certainly the ones that wanted to meddle in our business. Apparently it needs repeating… again… there are none of “your” people here, there are only ours.

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Indeed, angel. Your cartel does meddle into slavery business, but does it illegally.
My offer was to make slavery legal in the Republic.

And I will urge to read the suggestion one more time. It was not about making Amarr to give up anything, it was about making Minmatar to change their ways.

Amarr don’t need to be willing to change their way, because it’s their way.

It’s you, who should be willing to accept others as they are and stop your bullying and warmongering.

Diana, I think you’re missing a fundamental element of understanding this situation, so I’m going to try and break it down into an easy format.

Imagine, for a moment, if a stranger came to your family’s house one night. They do not knock, or request entry, they simply enter. They abduct your brother from his bed, steal away into the night, and put him to work. Perhaps in a mine. Maybe working the fields. He refuses, at first, so they poison him, tell him he must work to receive the antidote. So he works. His children work. Their children work. And so on and on, for poisoned, enslaved, generations.

The night after the stranger takes your brother, he returns. Once again he does not knock, but this time you are waiting for him. Your family fight. The stranger kills your mother and father, and leaves you broken on the ground. He takes your sister. Your sister is put to a different kind of work. Her sons are taken, trained as soldiers to be used against you. Her daughters are put to the same work as her.

This continues for centuries.

If you truly believe the Matari people to be the unwarranted aggressors in this situation then you are blind. More than anything I feel sorry for you.

The Republic wants nothing more than to have its brothers and sisters returned. If this was to happen, there would be no further need for war.


I was actually referring to someone else’s post. But thanks for your vitriolic answer. I’ve come to expect little else. :kiss: