[CalMil FW] United Caldari Navy is Recruiting

CalMil News interviewed @[UCN-] Lambda Thyl about The UCSC and it was a great interview! Everyone should check it out when they get the chance!

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The weekend we had multiple fleets with the following results:

  • 10b isk damage dealt to enemies (we lost around 2b)
  • 3 systems taken
  • enemy structure reinforced

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To the top on the recruitment board.

Only YOU can end Gallentean aggression.

To the top where this corp belongs! :slight_smile:

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From small to big fleets.
Today was a quick skirmish Battle Report Tool

Mess with Squid, lose all your quid.

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Largest corp in Caldari - Gallente warzone.

largest and also has the most exotic strippers

Great corp benefit

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Large community, active fleets, everyone welcome!

Always looking for members, friends and spies.