Camera focus on asteroid

Could we please have a way to keep the camera focused on a asteroid doing its depletion animation until the end ?

Basically after doing a “Look at” on a asteroid that get depleted, the camera stays on it until it completely evaporates and then only go back to the ship.

I became addicted to these and unless I have my ship right next to it the asteroid I only see it from afar.

you can hold the right mouse button to move the camera dynamically however you want and zoom in on the asteroid that way. though it is tricky to get the right angle

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You can’t zoom enough and the camera need to be either on look at or track, which deactivate when the roid goes poof.

There is a tactical camera. If you switch to tactical camera, you can move the camera like Jerry says. Once you do, you’re no longer anchored on the object you were looking at and the camera will remain where you placed it indefinitely.

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oooh like this okay, so it works just fine that way thank you.

Well, the thread can be locked, thank you and fly safe

Topic irrelevant as such a feature is already possible with the Tactical Camera. “Issue solved” and closed at request by OP.