Can an Alpha use a BR?

Was curious as to what I could do to be a smuggler as an alpha? Am I able to use ships like the Prowler? Any recommendations?

No T2 ships as an alpha. You can use an Iteron Mark 5 though.

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It depends upon what you are smuggling, and where you are moving the goods from, and to where.

If you are moving small but pricey items, through lowsec into highsec, for sale at a market hub, as an alpha, I’d go for a less than 2 second aligning ship, using instadock bookmarks.

You could use an atron for that purpose, with inertial stabs and low friction nozzle rigs.

But, your greatest asset will be…timing. When you move assets is as important as what ship you use. For instance, major holidays when the player base is online and enjoying itself, is not a particularly good time.

Moving goods is much easier during off times. I used to move a lot of goods out of null when Game of Thrones was on during my timezone.

For moving large items, I’ll let someone more experienced, in that area, than myself answer.

For moving small pricey items out of null, you need superb timing; and, since you can’t fit a cloak, knowledge of making bookmarks on the fly to use as safe spots so you can bounce between those safe spots (in a pinch); and patience, cause you are going to have to scout each gate, if there are others in local; and you will need to use the map to identify potential hot spots of trouble.

**I realize you stipulated alpha accounts, but am going to include this for new player omega accounts that might read this. For smuggling small goods, I have found, the best ship is a less than one second aligning hull, that can fit a cloak. There are a few ships, in game, that can accomplish this, given the proper fit and implants. I have found the daredevil and hecate to be the most cost effective.

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Thank you for this. I will plan accordingly :slight_smile:

Im an alpha, Yeah that’s how I do it. If I’m packing something high value, I’ll either use a speed fit Atron for small loads or a inconspicuous Catalyst (with extenders, I can get a 1000m3.

Also consider a magnate, a fully expanded magnate will hold something like 1600m3.

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