Suggestions for a ship of 400-600m for alpha

Hi, i am a Full alpha character and not sure what to do, for context currently asking in other forum for Check price ( CHeck Price Perfect Alpha with 6.73M Skill points 26.36M total )

My problem is i am not seeing what to do with her, and my other character can use the plex of the value. I am thinking in purchase a fun ship for alpha with 400m-600, have around 1200m, then can do a fun ship and replacment or two. Already have a machariel, but struggling in find a solid option to do with her.

One option i see is harbinger , but drekavac need omega and stratios too. What niche ship you think is fun and with a fitted value of 400-600m? I am not newbro but no much idea what can do with her now.

That would depend mostly on what you think is ‘fun’. Wormhole diving for anoms? Mission running? Abyss? Exploration? PvP/mercenary fleet? Incursions?

I expect an Alpha ship could be fit for those things and more in your price range, but no one ship will do all of them.

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Good point for abyss i think the option is Gila , then my options are mission ruinning or incursions…

Well, for missions as Alpha you’re limited to level 3. Frankly I would just use a Gnosis - it has a lot of fitting flexibility for different tasks. It may not be the most interesting or ‘cool’ but it can easily be configured for many purposes and is Alpha-skill-levels friendly.

Gila is a good all-rounder for many different Alpha purposes but you’re kind of locked into one style of build and play. (Which can be a good thing if you really want to learn one style thoroughly, or boring if you like variety.)

As for Incursions, the Alpha-friendly fleets have a few limited options of what they’ll accept for their fleets. You can google for their various approved ‘doctrine fits’ pages. An example for WarpToMe:

You might also consider whether you’d be interested in tackling Wormhole anomalies/combat sites. There’s quite a range of things to look at in WHs, it can be less repetitive (but more setup time). Look for a guide like this one:

(I think it’s still mostly valid although some changes have occurred since that one was written.)

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Over the past few months I’ve been making a new alpha character, really just to test if i can actually be of use in a pvp context. No skill injectors just all the free skill points on offer so I’ve been doing all the mining and abyssal stuff on offer, he’s up to flying a ferox now almost at T2 guns and soon going to give him a go, once real gives me more eve time I’ll test him out.

I also plan to buy omega time like the weekend fleet packs now and then as needed for any ops.

He’s also been self funding I’m only supplying him with a fitted ferox , Moa and a Gnosis.

Some of my abyss runs have been hard with low skills but it’s fun trying to get them done. Mining well i started to use the ore to build my abyssal ship to stop any losses taking away my isk and even started to sell some surplus ships to build up more isk to buy more skills whichvis my main out going so far.

Now for some pvp i think




Thanks for the suggestions., By the way i use mininbg processing the interdictors 3m-5m ones, or doing venture pochven runs.

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Doing the mining stuff for the skill points, stop nit picking, obviously if you had the isk you could buy all the skills but i wanted to try it without to much help :roll_eyes:

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My apologies.

I want you to know what I fully support your mining adventure.

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You never have to apologise, I’m just making it clear to others its about skill points

I have to apologize all the time.

I just killed a guy and he dropped corp and logged off. I don’t think he’s going to be back. Now I’m sitting here drinking and freaking out that I caused a player to quit permanently. Someone please help me.

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I agree with Kezrai that you should use a Gnosis. Though my main is Omega, I have Alphas too and the first thing they are all trained for is a Gnosis. As an Alpha you can get one to around 500 DPS with the 250mm Prototype Gauss Gun…range 32km. Surprisingly, an Alpha Gnosis can also use Heavy Neutron Blaster II…with 650 DPS but range of only 7000m with Void.

You can also get an Alpha Gnosis to around 82K EHP, in fact an Omega Gnosis really doesn’t go much higher. And, you can also create a fast align Gnosis with align time 4 seconds.

In some ways Gnosis also shows off the benefits of Omega. I have Omega Gnosis with variants of…1000 DPS, 85K EHP, align time 2.7 seconds, and being able to cloak too. And all for just 60m ISK or so. One of the most versatile ships in the game.

Though I mainly used this Omega account in an Apocalypse…I also used an Alpha account in a Gnosis during the war against Parabellum and not only survived but partook in two station kills with it.

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If you have T2 medium projectiles and Drones V, I suggest the Stabber. Not 400-600m, but after you lose 12 of them it will be that much. XLASB AB Stabber is truly a fantastic ship. Try some solo pvp on lowsec if you’re bored, it’s a blast.


Yeah i have go to try

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