Can Deleted

I will buy for 16b if deal with XDededX falls through

ok i have no massage or so become

when you will can you take

Pls chat with Koalachan or send a massage iam online

sent isk and account details where to transfer character

Best regards,

i have become the massage and the isk i starting the transfer

ok, please confirm when you initiate transfer as I have not received any mail

I have confirm the isk iam @work my friend

Does this mean the char is for sale? If so, Id like to buy it for 15b b/o

the sale was hindered by members

bumb in the new day

sent 15b and account name in 1 minute

15b received, received mail. Transfer is started. Thank you fly Safe

Did you transfer the character?

No char, no isk, no legit response. ticket raised.
Dont see a point to this kind of behaviour, must be a new thing in Eve…

Ich habe dir gestern eine ingame Mail geschickt das ich die plexe gekauft habe und ein Ticket geöffnet habe für den Transfer.

Aber Hmmm das erinnert mich Grad an die geschichte vor 2 tagen

Firstly, please stick to english. Secondly, character scams on the forums are dealt with very strongly. I highly recommend not trying it. It usually ends in a ban.

Yeah I thought this was some kind of miscommunication between you and the initial buyer, but it seems I was wrong. Its been 24 hours since your confirmation that the transfer has started, I waited till you got home from work, which was 11 hours ago where you stated again, transfer has started.

Its morning now, nothing happened. Thankfully devs are slow on solving char bazaar scams so if I get the character in the meantime, great. If not, just as good, hopefully devs resolve this in a split second.

I generally use the process of buying plexes when transferring characters and then putting them in the safe. then a ticket to ccp that the char will be moved to the new account. it can sometimes take a long time for the transfer, this is not due to the player due to ccp.
should it bother you now that it takes a little longer then i can send you back the isk and anulate the sale by sending an additional mail to ccp. I am not a cheater

So what do you want the char or the isk