Can I stop the EVE launcher from trying to Update ? [LINUX]

I just tried to install the game in Linux with Lutris, and noticed that if I allow the launcher to update, it’s game over, and back to complete reinstall in Lutris…

So I pressed the ‘cancel update’ and now it’s oke.

I’m guessing each time I start the game the launcher wants to keep updating to a failing version.

Is there a way to stop the launcher from attempting to update ?
So I do not forget to press the cancel button and end in misery ???

— edit —
I just realized it might be a good idea to simply make a backup copy of the current 1796697 version launcher, hopefully if the EVE launcher attempts to update, I can at least copy the old one back.

evelaunche.exe → evelauncher [BACKUP-WORKING].exe

— edit 2 —
Reading through other topics where people have the same launcher problem, it seems I need to back up more then just the evelauncher.exe, then again it might be they got those problems because they have already used a higher version launcher and got borked, and needed to fallback to a lower version then previously used. (launcher asking for confirmation codes on characters that the old version doesn’t understand etc).

So I backed up the entire “launcher” directory.
If I accidentally update the launcher, I will first look if copying back the copy of the old launcher works, if not copy back the whole launcher directory, see if that works, and if that fails reinstall the whole game/wine bottle fresh from Lutris.

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