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this threat is about how to quickly fix a break of your EVE launcher, which happens from time to time (right now) due to the use of new OS features in the launcher not yet fully implemented in WINE etc.

For me the following approach turned out to work well in practice not taking more than one minute to apply:

  1. Once you have a running EVE installation find the “Launcher” folder of this installation, in my case it resides in the “~/.wine/drive_c/EVE” folder. In case you don’t have a running installation, then please try installing EVE using this launcher here: New launcher... new Linux error? - #7 by Kadesh_Priestess

  2. Make a copy of the “Launcher” folder and place it somewhere else for future use.

  3. Whenever the launcher breaks due to an update, just revert the “Launcher” folder in the EVE installation path to the copied version. From now on, you should always cancel the update of the Launcher until a new version is available.

  4. From time to time try out if the new version of the launcher is working, if yes, make a new copy of the “Launcher” folder, otherwise proceed as described in the above step.

Dear forum master, in case you are reading this I kindly ask you to “pin” this posting to the top, so that you can help the Linux community to follow a more structured approach in dealing with these kind of issues as it was proposed by @CCP_Cemetery in this posting:


The linked exe does not work for me (I renamed it “evelauncher.exe” and replaced the file with the same name). Last time there was such an issue someone linked a zip containing a “Launcher” folder but that one is not working anymore as well. Am I doing something wrong?

edit: by not work I mean that the linked exe wants to install the launcher but complains that C/EVE is not empty and that it will basically reinstall the game. Why?

Yeah to my knowledge you have unfortunately to reinstall EVE. But once done, the above approach should work for you.

Today’s launcher is working properly with my Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS using Wine-6.14 (Staging) with DXVK 1.5.4.
So time to make a new copy of it to prepare for future incidents :wink:

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