Help me

I’m trying to run eve on Linux but it keeps getting stuck mid update

While EVE is not officially supported on Linux and each update might break it again.

There is a small group of people that like to punish themselves.

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Try the linux sub forum to see if your fellow masochists can assist.

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I use vanilla wine and an old windows launcher in Kubuntu and I can play fine. I don’t update the launcher because it doesn’t affect my gameplay and I don’t like rolling the dice whether on x day I want to play and suddenly the launcher update makes me unable to log in. Lately CCP has periodically released launcher updates that break the launcher on Linux but the game itself still works. It is pretty sad actually that most issues with Eve on Linux are launcher related. So likely your issue is with the launcher. As the above poster mentioned you can find workarounds in the Linux section of the forums.


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