Can somebody help me understand these character bids

I dont be a jerk and troll the character sale for this guy… so Im gonna ask here because I simply cannot figure out why anybody would go 20b+ for this toon ? and Im curious

Are they willing to pay just for the 2 standings ? Because I dont think sales tax and broker fee have been trained to justify the bids…so what am I missing?

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Yeah, the standings are what makes the character worth so much.

It costs 25 B to get Caldari Navy to 9 and Caldari State to 5 according to USIA, so one could see the worth of that toon.

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25B?,no you could do it with a starter toon and distribution missions if you really wanted…all it takes is some time and dedication…but

Would think 80% of veteran mission runners would have those standings or close to, and the tax %s are not even trained…4,48% and 2,5% Jita trade are way off to justify a 32b pricetag on a 6m sp toon… its unreal to me, but Im glad for the seller.

Hello USIA rep here. USIA stands for United Standings Improvement Agency. The 25B @Riperd_Jacks mentioned is a gross estimate if we were paid to raise the faction standings and corp standings that high. I say gross estimate because 25B would easily get the corp to 9.0 but faction only to 2 or 3

And with so many options to raise faction standings without our help, and judging by the negative standings of galmin, looks like they used other routes to get standings that high.

0-9.6835 for the faction if raised it would have been 102 bil. Cant speak to if they were a client, but i can say i dont recall the name or someone paying that much.

But galmin are the negative derived standings caps.

I wasn’t taking your service or any service for that matter into account when I asked about the level of the bids.

But it really dosn’t matter if hi payed for standing or did it himself…32B for at 6m sp toon with 4,48% sale and 2,5% trade Jita tax is way way off in my book. I still dont get it, mission runners with those standings couldn’t expect a +25b valuation on extraction, unless the toon had a lot more going for it. (my opinion)

I mean…I have alts without the standing doing way better tax-wise

Can you list some of those many ways to raise faction standings without your help? I have a few factions I would love to improve.


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