Can we get better news reporting from CCP groups!

I would like to draw your attention here

I skimmed over the front page and the groups mentioned are NPCs, Goons, and Provi. Now, other groups might be mentioned inside the articles, but nothing directly…

As many people know, one of the largest null-sec groups has been providing tasty tears for a few days, which will result in some crazy things in-game, but here we are with no news from the CCP supported groups on the news.

I find that the Keepstar Flipping and other in-game related parts to be in-game news worthy, but we don’t get anything!

I would like to see proper news reporting from CCP groups that covers all groups or they should keep their noses out of player based news and just focus on the NPC side. Reading the EVE news reminds me of how narrow viewed the US News groups are… people be dying everywhere but the only ones you will find on the front page are US based disasters.

Before ISD or Falcon chime in to tell you the same: You could always join their team and do it yourself. They’re desperately looking for volunteers, afaik.

That is US culture, though. The only thing they care about is themselves. It’s USA > Rest of the world. If they even manage to think beyond just USA.

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I am from the USA. I go to the BBC for my news!

You should know that you’re the exception, not the rule.

I know I’m special! :wink:


Hi there,

As @Linus_Gorp already mentioned, the ISD program (in this case ISD New Eden Correspondents, NEC for short), is always recruiting people who have a passion for writing (both fiction, as in the Fiction Portal work, as well as our news stories).

While our team consists of very creative (and skilled) writers, there are unfortunately only so many hours in a day, which means we can only report on so many stories… this is also why we are always recruiting; more writers, more stories, more stories, more fun for you guys.

There is something where all capsuleers can help; if you see things going on in New Eden, and think they are news worthy, feel free to get in touch with us… If you see us out and about reporting on events you can always send us a message or an evemail if you have more information about it, as it will be greatly appreciated, and it helps us cover the stories properly.


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I actually read several news sources myself.

BBC World News, CNN, and sometimes Aljazira.

Old adage of if you read the story from all sides, somewhere in the middle is the truth.

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