Can we have a frank conversation about being forced to pay in USD


We call em bogans


Put on your “Make New Eden Great Again” hat…I’m sure you will be taken more seriously…

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It’s because I cut a TERRIFIC deal with CCP!


This is actually a really good point. The ATO has/is cracking down on online subscriptions Google, Amazon steam etc are all being forced to pay Australian Tax now.

To clarify, in Australia GST must be charged on all digital transactions that are connected to Australia. More specifically …

  • the sale is made for payment and as part of conducting your business (or it is treated as being part of your business because you are an electronic distribution platform operator)

This includes EVE Subscriptions …

A sale is connected with Australia if the imported services or digital products are sold to an [Australian consumer] (

Paying in USD or any other currency doesn’t change the fact that if you are supplying a subscription service in Australia to an Australian tax payer there are tax obligations regardless of the currency you are paying in.

That being said, you could just allow payment in Australian Currency. CCP value us enough to host an annual event here. It would be great to get a comment from CCP in regards to this.


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