Canadian C2 Wormholers seek pilots to MAKE TAABE GREAT AGAIN

Do the thing \o/

Yes I know it has a typo. I’ll fix it one of these days.

About Us:

  • C2 Wormhole PVP Corporation.

  • We are a bunch of Canadians, Americans, and Lithuanians seeking pilots to fly with :slight_smile: now with Finns!

  • 22:00-06:00 (USTZ) activity.

  • We are seeking mature, self-sufficient players for wormhole PVP, exploration, and industry.

  • Small but tightly knit group seeking to rebuild after hiatus. We are not seeking loudmouths, bigots, know-it-alls. We’re not a bunch of SJWs but just generally don’t be a shithead.


  • Join our in-game channel: TAABE Public

  • OR Our public discord at:

  • OR Contact one of our recruiters in-game: Murkar Omaristos, Old Dog Shepherd

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