Our Value is in Our People - USTZ

OUT OF THE SHADOW is looking for the pilots from US and Canada Timezones. The corp itself is in its beginning stage and this is a perfect opportunity to form up a solid core.

If you’re friendly, mature and have a good attitude towards others in general, then probably you found the right corp. We are new pilot friendly and will spend our time sharing skills and knowledge if that person has the right attitude.

We enjoy having a good fight and some of us come from a purely PVP background, However we do welcome industrialists and explorers as well.

Our home is C2 with Hi Sec static which simplifies logistics and business side of Eve gameplay and C3 static which explore for further content, including low and null sec areas.

If you have any questions, send in-the-game message to Enki Toralen, leave a comment here or message us on our Discord channel.


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