Canceled delete please

(Heleneto Maken) #1

Sale Canceled

(Zuluwise) #2

Not meant to be an insult
Great drone skills and jump Cal 5 are really all this toon has going for it
As for sitting in a Nyx, look at your current mastery level to see what I mean

I will offer a fair price of 14.5b
That is a little more than the price of extraction someone could get

(Maizie Fields) #3

17.5 bil

(Zuluwise) #4


(Maizie Fields) #5

18 bil

(Heleneto Maken) #6

Ingame offer of 20b

(Takitani Genji) #7


(ISD Fractal) #8

Hi, this does not conform with the Character Bazaar rules. You are required to be in an NPC corp at the time of posting your character and for the full duration of the sale. Please drop to an NPC corp immediately or this thread will be closed.

(Heleneto Maken) #9

still here still for sale!

(Catsdancing) #10


(Heleneto Maken) #11

already have that offer from ingame mail :slight_smile:

(aaaaa Cat) #12

Im Catsdancing 20b pls send email to me

(system) #13

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