@Nor_Blackstone 36.5b from me !

(Post deleted by author)

32 bill

12 hours left! Will be interesting to see who gets that buyout bid in. You know its going to happen with such a great character. Just a matter of when :wink:

35 bill

36 bill

38 bill

@Gina_Tonic so long as I am around you 're not turning another character into Skill Injectors. Pay the dude the buy out if you want the character <3

38.5b from me.

40 bill

Profile - Gina_Tonic - EVE Online Forums I will accept 40 bill. transfer isk and account info and i will begin transfer. Thank you.

its supposed to run for the remainder of the day. If you 're considering offers from ingame please do let us all know so that we wont waste our time on the forums.

thanks and regards.

My apologies you are correct. Did not get a response anyways, so will close this auction due to my foolish change.

thanks and regards.

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the skill extraction alone will yield 53b. so its better you skill extract than sell to the lowball offers :wink: you re welcome.

@Nor_Blackstone what happened? you absolutely do not need to listen to that dude

Canceled! - #16 by Gina_Tonic He was watching the forum post and i made changes. Felt like i was being rude so closed it and opened a shorter Auction. Sorry about that. I understand where hes coming from. Thanks for the bids.

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