Sale Cancelled


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10 bill

10.5 bil

Thanks for your interest. I’m looking for a minimum of 16b.

Would you take 17b as buy out

18 bil

I’ll accept 18b as a buyout. Please send the isk and the account name to have the character transferred to.

Be careful, @Scarf_Ace is involved in at least two other possible scam posts.

Will he benefited from the scam?

I’m not sure how that works.
But before the GM investigation is done, he can do whatever he wants with the isk he gets from the scam.

I appreciate the heads up. I haven’t received the isk or account name from Scarf Ace yet, so I’ll withdraw my acceptance of his bid at this time.

This character is still up for auction with 17b as the highest bid at this time. I would be willing to accept the 17b as a buyout. Please let me know if you’re still interested, and if so, please send the isk and account name to this character.

I haven’t heard back about the 17b buyout offer. As such, this character is still looking for a new home. He is quiet, doesn’t eat much, and even does his own laundry! Lets get some bids in folks!

This character is still available for purchase.

10 bill

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