[Canceled] WTS exploration pilot 8,4m SP

I cancel sale due CCP removes PLEX transfer

Thank you CCP” GJ

WTS exploration pilot

8,495,625 SP

3 remaps in total


Amarr and Gallente frigates V
decent scanning skills

NPC corp
Possitive wallet
No kill rights

Plex transfer


Your offer is very low.

Still for sale.

Daily bump

Still for sale

bump :grinning:

I can get you 5b b/o.

To low.

B/O 7.35 Billion, the scanning skills are a bit lacking

7.5b b/o

7.43 Buyout

Thanks for offers, we are close

7.45, final offer

Still for sale.

Any new offers?

New year bump!

Still for sale

Still for sale

Still for sale

8bil B/O offer

How about 9b?