CANCELLED [WTS - 39.8M T2 Fax (Mino and Apostle) and T2 Rorq]

I am for sale
pwd 1234

Can Rorq with;
Ice harvest spec 4
Mining drone spec 4
Indy reconfigure 5

Can fly Minokawa/Apostle with t2 triage
Can also do ares

2 remaps available (1 yearly and 1 bonus)
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Joined NPC (Caldari Provisions)
Located in Jita 4-4
Clones; Jita 4-4 1-4 Standard learning implants

Starting Bid 40B with Buyout of 45b

28 bil

eveskillboard link fixed and starting bid added

added buyout

32 bill now?

too low… split the difference 40b?

33 bill if we do it 1 hours from now?

Starting bid is 40b, buyout is 45b.

This character sale will end in 24 hours. Starting bid is 40b, buyout is 45b.

trying to reach you ingame

Just missed your email.

33.5 Bill

hard pass

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