CANCELLED [WTS - 39.8M T2 Fax (Mino and Apostle) and T2 Rorq]

(LadyRIP) #1

I am for sale
pwd 1234

Can Rorq with;
Ice harvest spec 4
Mining drone spec 4
Indy reconfigure 5

Can fly Minokawa/Apostle with t2 triage
Can also do ares

2 remaps available (1 yearly and 1 bonus)
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Joined NPC (Caldari Provisions)
Located in Jita 4-4
Clones; Jita 4-4 1-4 Standard learning implants

Starting Bid 40B with Buyout of 45b

(Alleyne) #2

28 bil

(LadyRIP) #3

eveskillboard link fixed and starting bid added

(LadyRIP) #4

added buyout

(Gergers Ejnar) #5

32 bill now?

(LadyRIP) #6

too low… split the difference 40b?

(Gergers Ejnar) #7

33 bill if we do it 1 hours from now?

(LadyRIP) #8

Starting bid is 40b, buyout is 45b.

(LadyRIP) #9

This character sale will end in 24 hours. Starting bid is 40b, buyout is 45b.

(Nikki T kingston) #10

trying to reach you ingame

(LadyRIP) #11

Just missed your email.

(Faydhe) #12

33.5 Bill

(LadyRIP) #13

hard pass