49b to get you started

Thanks. I haven’t used the new plex system so I have a ticket open to make sure I do the transfer correctly. Hopefully I hear back soon and then I will ask for info.

sorry i ended up getting something else.
good luck

45b offer ends at midnight

Just for you, I will do a special b/o of 55B tomorrow.

B/O at 50B. Can start transfer in the next few hours.

bump :arrow_up_small:

updated B/O to 47B. I think I’ll strip him next week if no one wants him.


41 b offer

Seems like no interest. Going to strip him when I get the chance. Hoping I’ll get time this weekend.

42bil B/O

Youd get better offers if he could use T2 fighters, had a T2 capital weapons, had jdcV etc … the toon is just kinda trash, but has potential if you invested a few months longer before trying to sell.

T2 capital weapons? I stopped playing before that and JDC 5 must not have been too helpful in a wormhole.
I can’t argue with the trash comment though. Is there a sub-cap role I could strip him down too? Or maybe just an Apostle pilot? I have no idea what the meta is now.

yeah probably better off selling him as a dedicated fax pilot since it can do that mostly well, but the missing JDCV still really hurts you

43 bil

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