Make me a offer…

all rules apply:

clone in HS
I pay transfer
no kill rights
positive balance
Npc Corp

28 bil

Thank you for the offer gone keep it up for a little longer and see what happens.

also daily bump :slight_smile:

to the top

29 B/O

30 bil

30.5 bil

31 Bil

31.5 bil

32 bil

Daily Bump and B/O is set first to reach it wins…

32.5 bil

33 Bil

How will you transfer with paper or plex?

will be a paper transfer… I have never done plex transfer if I may ask do that take longer or why do ppl ask that ?

Ps. will keep this post up for 24 hours more

OK thank you very much

Bump and last 14 hours …

In game bid accepted from Alex Laz’Der Please send Isk and account info.

in game bid was retracted back on market. Still looking for around 35B

sale cancelled will try again in a few weeks

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