14m SP PVP starter


Just realized i have to wait 4 more days to transfer him. Offers can gather till then

In NPC corp, located in Positive wallet. No kill rights.

I suggest you read over Welcome to the Character Bazaar and update your thread. If ISD comes across this thread its going to be closed for missing information.

how much would you want?

1 bil

will pay 3b

5b offer

6 bil

6.1 Bil

7bil b/o

8b b/o

9b b/o

9.5b bo

Sale will end 2/18. Top bid gets it. Currently 9.5 is top

Going to give it about 8 more hours. Top bid in this thread or in game gets it.

9.5 is highest bid, send isk and info and he’s yours

isk & info sent.

isk received, transfer started

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