WTS 14.7 Mil SP

Good starter pvp toon with 14 mil silll points located in Jita + wallet. Buy me so i don’t get extracted…


8 bil

Really looking for at least 10

10 bil


Well I have two at 10 Bil going to work let’s see if anyone offers more. Still might just extract 10 mil exp for a new toon.

I like it

I’m sleeping now,I booked it

Like I was saying I have two bids at 10 Bil, waiting to see if any higher bids are made If 10 is the best anyone will offer then I might just extract and use on a new toon. Because I have mote than 10 Bil in this toon.

online now hit me up in game.

Do you accept this offer?

Looking for 11 I’m still taking a loss but I will start transfer now, once Isk and account info sent… But I won’t be up much longer.

Within 2 hours,Because I’m going to dinner now,Please wait for me

It’s 11:15 PM here i have to get up at 5 am will start transfer when i get up. Enjoy dinner

I’m ready now

10Bil offer, ISK ready to transfer.

Since 10 seems to be final offering will just extract so.

Sale canceled please delete thread.

But I only have 10B,It would be a pity if we could not trade it

Friend, how much do you need ISK

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