WTS/Trade 14.7 Mil SP Minmatar

hi i wanna sell or trade my chararacter with another chararacter Caldari with Tengu


Start Bid 10 Bil
Buyout 13 Bil

He needs a lot of stuff trained but you have some good basics going… I just bid 8.5 Bil on another toon with similar skills… Can only afford one or the other… let me know if we can do business.

Bump :slight_smile:

I will meet your start bid, 10Bil.

High bid 10 finish bid end 29.10.2017 at 13.00 pm Eve time

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

13 Bil BO online ready to send isk

Ok i will be in eve in 1 hour

online in eve waiting to send the isk

I guess we are on opposite time zones I got online at 5:30 am my time about an hour after you posted your online. I’m on CST will be online tonight at 6:30 CST. Sent you a ton of e mails to that toon never heard from you all weekend.

Will send isk and account info when I get home.

I worked in weekeend because i am waiter and i am home today and tomorrow

Isk and account info sent

EVE Character transfer

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