Hate to rain on your parade but these go for 500m pretty consistently, got a 35.25 for 300m yesterday.

Leave this man to his dreams. It’ll be worth 5b one day!

Well, anyone is free to leave an offer if they think the price isn’t justified.

Reduced price to 4.5 billion ISK.


1 Billion

I’m considering the offers made so far, thank you.

But I’ll continue to take better offers for a while.

Buy Out price reduced again

Price reduced to 3 bill

Price reduced to 2.25 bill

Price reduced to: 1.75 billion ISK

Price reduced to: 1.5 billion ISK

If no one buys at this price I’ll sell to one of the previous offers

Hey send me a ingame mail with that will you :smiley:

Sure thing!

I found a better one sorry XD

Price now: 1.1 bill

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Closed at OP’s polite request.