[CANDY]Stranger Danger is recruiting. C5/C5 Space

When I got podded and take a travel fit to get back into our wormhole,cause these miners and ratters turned out to be bait:

In case you’re interested in joining, the best way to reach us is probably to go to our discord and put a message there in public channel :slight_smile:

Well hello there!

Well, I got a taste of wormhole life, but before I was able to really experience what it was like, my current corp leader went totally bananas.

We had a WH and I had finally gotten permissions to come play, however, my corp leader started getting really sketchy and doing really random things like kicking members for no reason. Eventually, we all came to find out that this guy and his alts were CEOs of all branches of the corporation. So he’s a big fat liar.

Needless to say… I’m a little miffed and now trying to figure out what’s next. I didn’t get a chance to try anything and a WH corp still sounds appealing since most of my activity has been in high sec.

Haven’t even looked at a stratios… so gonna look that up lol

The FC when he tells you to jump on the ship that obviously is bait:

I try to come up with some meme for the daily bump. Today isn’t one of those days though. In case you want to let me know some good ideas, feel free to join our public channels :wink:

Btw, here’s our general stance when it comes to shittalking in local:

That moment when you come back to your keyboard saying: “I’m back” and you already hear everyone start saying: “Hi back, I’m …”

Me and the bois when we find some content:

Recruitment is still ongoing. If you’re interested join our public chats and we’ll try to get back to you as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

If someone was to ask me if I will stop using memes as recruitment post bumps:

A meme for everyone that’s wondering what it takes to come up with new unique recruitment bumps every day:

When you have to stop your streak of daily bumps to learn for uni:

Let’s do something out of the ordinary for once: Recruitment still up

When some random person hears you talking about “how you totally murdered these guys on the weekend” without the right context:

When you haven’t been around for a day and meet a bunch of new recruits on teamspeak:

Me applauding myself for keeping the post bumped for over a month:

Hello everyone, you have a new bump in this thread:

The hostile fleet, when they go for your bait and you come in through a different wormhole that looped into the system:

That moment when you talk about fights in the past and all the funny stuff you took part in EVE:

recruitment still open, can always do with some more guys :slight_smile: