Stranger Danger - Wormhole fun and violence EU/US

Looking for pilots who love the challenges and face to face brawling that wormhole space offers. Stranger Danger is a PVP focused alliance that enjoys a good brawl. We dont care about killboards or politics. The wormhole community is a great place to be if your looking for small/mid scale engagements, where your not just a number in fleet. Every ship counts, every pilot counts and win or lose we have fun as a team.

What we offer!

C5-C5 home, PVP focused with industry capabilities and good ISK making opportunities
Solid doctrines with selective SRP.
Supportive to help people get on their feet with wormhole life
Buy back programs
Social atmosphere, real life comes first mentality and a lot of laughs, meetups and even the odd SD camping trip to remind us what its like to be outside :stuck_out_tongue:
Opportunities to progress to specialised roles or even give FCing a go, we’ll even fund some ships to whelp while you give it a try!

What we’re looking for!

Good sense of humour and team driven mentality.
Ability to fly covert cloaked ships with T3c capabilities or close to it.
Be able to use TS and have a working mic
Willingness to scan, chain and hunt with the fleet.

If your new to wormholes or a vet in the field hit us up for more info! public channel “Almost Dangerous”

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