Cannot locate BPOs and BPCs in Industry window

(Petrified) #1

Anyone other than myself having an issue where BPOs and BPCs in structures are not showing up in the industry window? Appears focused when they reside in a corp hanger.

And I bugged it too.

(Jenne Wain) #2

This happens to me occasionally when I have “All Locations” selected, but it usually sorts itself through selecting a different location in the dropdown then going back to the specific station that I’m in.

There are also random hangs for me sometimes when selecting a BP, but we all know that the window can be a little wonky in that regard…

(Petrified) #3

indeed. It seemed to sort itself after I submitted an industry job. However, I’ve never seen it behave this wonkily before.

(Jenne Wain) #4

Agreed- it does seem a bit flakier lately, but I’m never sure if it’s just me :slight_smile:

(Petrified) #5

Might have had the extra-special-flakes sprinkled on top in prep for the 13th.

(CCP Habakuk) #6

Please send a bug report, if you see the industry window act up again like this. Best to send the bug report directly after it happened from the client using F12 - Report Bug, then I can take a look at the included client logs to see if I can track down something.

(system) #7

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