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I recently changed corporations. I forget about some jobs running using old corporation hangars which resulted in locking few of my industry slots while in new corporation without any way to see where mentioned slots are used. There is nothing in industry queue, you cant see “used by corporation” queue. Also nothing displaying in third party apps using ESI.

Without help from GM there is no way to find this type of “locked” jobs if you forget to deliver them before changing corporation or someone with appropriate roles there will do it for you.

I think this is something that requires taking a look into.

Screenshot to better show problem:

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Perhaps someone in your old corp can complete those jobs you had?

The “issue” is solved for me but I think industry window need some changes to be able to show this type of jobs. That’s why I’m bringing it to CSM.

Gah. Sorry I missed this when you posted.

I can see similar problems cropping up if you have the relevant role stripped too. Less than ideal, certainly. And I have no idea how complex it’d be to sort.

Always be able to deliver/cancel jobs you’ve started? Auto cancellation on the role being revoked?

At least to be able to see where my jobs are. Since there was no way to find them on my end. I actually send support ticket to find mentioned jobs.

Other thing is that as far I know also as corp manager/CEO you can’t see from corporation industry window who started specific job. I lack of experience in maintaining bigger corps but I imagine finding them by CEO to cancel them for you is also issue when there are dozens of jobs running.

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