Can't connect account

I’ve only ever used my main on the test server, but I now require to add one of my alt omega accounts to test a ship line only that acct can fly.

However, despite quadruple checking my username / password were correct it keeps telling me that my login information was wrong.

I opened a support ticket and I was told to post about it here. Any ideas?

When was the alt created?

The character was made in 2011. It was transferred to my account a few weeks ago. The account itself was made about 2 months ago.

If your account was created after Valentine’s Day then that will possibly keep you from getting on the test server until the next mirror. However I do not know how they treat character transfers in regards to being on the mirror I think somebody else can answer that maybe @Mkikaden_Tiragen

If the alt account itself was not made until after the last mirror (which was on February 15), then the alt account won’t be able to log in to Singularity at all.

If the alt account was made more than a few days before the mirror (because it isn’t clear the exact date of the image used to create the mirror, only the date the process was completed), it should be able to log in - unless you changed your password after the mirror.

With regards to the transferred character: just like with a password change or account creation, if the transfer was done after the mirror image was taken, then the account transfer of the character hasn’t occurred in Singularity.

All changes made on TQ after a mirror won’t show up on Sisi. CCP has added a tool to allow players to import trained skill levels (from a nightly completed skill image they take out of TQ), but that’s the only post-mirror activity that can be refreshed - and it has to be manually triggered using /copyskills on the desired character.


I assumed that was the situation, I knew you had better knowledge of that

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Thanks guys that makes sense. Wonder how long until next mirror.

Generally a mirror is every 3-4 months, unless stated differently by CCP. It’s possible next month or early June could be the next mirror

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