Cant log into the game

Same problem here. Unable to log into any of my accounts

I’m having the same problem, I recently started playing EVE like 3 days ago, I thought it was something I did and was denied access to game

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Welcome to the game!
You did do something…
You started playing eve. Say goodbye to your free time. :wink:

No more RL…for you bud.

Doesn’t this happen every time someone doesn’t chip in their share of the BEER tab?

the problem was resolved for me!

Thanks CCP team for the fix


Salut ! Je ne peu plus me connecter à un de mes comptes. Le mot de passe n’est plus valide. J’ai contacté le service client d’Eve Onlie il y a quatre jours et je n’ai toujours aucunes réponse. Impossible de Changer de mots de passe.

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