Can't Login

I froze at a gate, now I cannot login with any character. Login authentication takes a long time, then black screen.

And yes my Internet is just fine.

Same problem here, so it’s not just you. I was doing some hauling and my game seemed unresponsive, so I logged out and tried to log back in. Veeeeery slow.

Ok so its not just me

Just got disconnected and can’t connect. Everything else is working on my internet.

It’s been 1 hour already a no fix? No nothing, not even a recognition that there is a problem?

And nothing on their twitter feed either - after an hour of people being disconnected?

The issues on my end involve the following:

  1. Missing chat channels
  2. All remaining chat channels cannot connect/are blank/borked

I have the same exact issue, and then it disconnects. Takes forever to try to get back online, but I wouldn’t dare undocking from station.

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