Connection Issue

I am unable to log into any of my accounts… I get as shown; however, I am able to be in the game via Steam with its account. Earlier, I was able to get my MAIN account on, yet while having that one logged in, I was unable to log any of my Omega characters.

Now… after a few hours, none are getting into the game.

Hi Captain Highfield,
I’ve had a simular issue just started tonight, I’ve check my internet speed and it’s all good howeer it takes a rediculous amount of time to log in as well when I can get in.
What country are you located in? I was checking my traceroute and it seems to time out someway through connecting with the eve servers.
Kind Regards

I have been in for several hours, but stability has just gone very wobbly.

Four(?) disconnects in the last 10/15 minutes (from time of this post) Log-in is as quick as usual afterwards but latency is very bad once I am in. Internet speed is currently 109/ 114 MB ps on two measures and ping is 10ms. So, it seems to be the game, not my internet?

Remove account from launcher and log in again.

I tried that; I still got the error today after doing exactly that. Having to do that again and then, possibly a third, fourth or even a fifth time… That would become an actual issue.

It shouldn’t really even happen for the second time.

What I mean; that for today, I got the error message not expecting it after already having to do what you suggested because I did try it after making the post; had no issue after. So, wasn’t expecting to do it today for today’s session of play.

To answer your question, the USA. I had no issue shortly after making the post because I did a ‘relog’ of my accounts that I wanted to play.

No issue with this, since I last posted.

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