Can't login

I can’t login or reach account management services, I can however login the forums and on sisi … so what is going on? also on the launcher I cannot verify download … what did you guys break?

And nothing of value was lost

I can’t even reach CCP’s main account management thru this forum, the website is down!

There are no reported issues with TQ’s infrastructure or any of the services associated with it.

It would appear that this is an issue with your connection, or the internet somewhere between yourself and TQ.

Everything but CCP works for me … no connection issues with other games or services only CCP, I was able to login to sisi, but not tranquility or reach the CCP website … I’m on this forum and when I click to use account management I cannot reach it! … I’ve uninstalled the game and reinstalled nothing is working and this computer is two weeks old and had no issues with CCP before today

Had same issue for hours. The culprit looks like one of the routing points in colorado after running a trace route.

had same issues as you. EVERYTHING worked except log in on launcher. and the eve login on website.

Activating a VPN and moving myself to a different route immediately let me log in on the website.

DEVS, its not our local internet its the ISP’s somewhere in CO lol.

This right here is exactly what happened to me … unfortunately I had to reset my cookies on google which logged me out of the forums and I was unable to log back on until tonight two weeks later!

I sent in a support ticket to eve services they never emailed me back! So I canceled my subscription via my bank it was the only way I could cancel it since I couldn’t connect with the servers

Now because support decided to not contact me about the issue I had, my subscription can stay canceled permanently!

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