Cant Reset Settings

When you are in game, press escape, go to settings, you cant scroll down and the bottom is covered by a rip off facebook vote yes or no if you had fun playing overlay.

This makes thing like, Clear Settings, Clear Cache unable to be selected or found, which i think are kind of important.

Resizing doesn’t fix it, and looking at how its been implemented, its a copy paste job. Not even a good one at that, The list is now in alphabetical order, rather then maybe split by category, putting the important one like, Clear Cache, Clear Settings and maybe a description when ya click on it.

Like what the hell is the difference between “remove location” and “remove locations” reset boxes

Look i dont know how to code eve, make pretty space ships, but i do know how to make a list on a page and it honestly is not the best work put forward.

Can ya please spend 30 min, rework it into 3 sub sections, Reset game settings, in-game messages, in game warnings. put a couple of descriptions on what they actually do, or a warning of consequence of resetting cache.

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