Cant take screenshots in fullscreen

Im facing the issue that I cant take screenshots with any tools on a Surface Pro 2017 i5
the only work around is to run it in dx9 and with the native resolution.
but obviously the the surface isn’t powerful enough to handle a fluid game experience.

dx9 is not an option if it comes to lower then native res. this will cause black boarders on the screen.
another work around is is running eve in window mode but then I doo have the problem with scaling to.
I need eve to run in full screen with a res of 1280x960.
and it seam not possible to take screenshots this way.

the ingame build screenshot work fine as well. but no tools with auto upload feature like shareX or lightshot.
they drop me right to the desktop and minimizes the game.

maybe some of you guy know a solution to this ether a tool that works or a fix for this.

If you are using Windows 10 then the screenshot (PrntScrn key) should go straight into the clipboard. You can then edit it with tools such as GIMP by opening an image and using what is currently in your clipboard, or you can paste it directly into the forum, too.

Make sure that when you still have issues that you have no programs running, which will catch the PrntScrn key.

If you rather want to use the game’s own screenshot function then check that it has been assign to a key, which you can actually use.

I am using win10 prntscrn is not working dho the clipboard stays empty.

the ingame screenshot tool is working but its quite inconvenient to upload it straight away.

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