Clean in-game screenshots

To remove the user-interface windows, you can toggle them off and on by pressing CTRL+F9. Then press the Pr Sc (Print Screen) button near your Scroll Lock and Backspace key, then paste into your favorite photo editing software.


Give us a feature to take .jpg format screenshots.

Why do you want compression artifacts on your screenshots, therefore making them worse?


JPEG is a lossy compression algorithm optimised for the average photographic image of the real world. It distorts and removes information from images to make them significantly smaller.

It’s difficult to notice JPEG distortion when using a high quality encoder on a picture of a landscape taken with a smartphone camera. On the other hand it wreaks havoc on computer-generated images and images that contain text, as it is common with screenshots.

Games with screenshot capabilities do well avoiding JPEG. But on smartphone camera software, it is advantageous to use it as the default format.


Hey man, good for you, you know a lot about software, but the game needs this feature, jpg is still the base standard for steam screeshots, why do we have to play on steam to enjoy jpg? Need this feature pronto. Tired of these 3-5 mb screenshots hogging all the space on the hard drive.

@Gleb_Koskov what the users are trying to say is this;

The capture to Jpeg format would take the client longer to convert to lossy image compression. You could snag the images as Jpeg using another program other than the client. The “Snip and Sketch” tool in Windows 10 I think defaults to saving as JPG? I wouldn’t know since I use Linux OS these days and I only need Windows at work.

If you take a screen shot you can also convert them using Windows Paint program. The conversion is so simple any caveman can do it. Open the file, save as… new format, and delete originals when done.

Tired of these 3-5 mb screenshots hogging all the space on the hard drive.

I am not a rich boy myself, but I guess you must still be running the old spin HD with only 50 GB of free space? However 50 GB is 50,000 MB which should store ten-thousand such images. I have 128 GB of free space on my image partition alone. You should probably look into buying a 1 TB SSD for your rig.

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That doesn’t make it better.

Or use a batch converter, which can be found in the interwebs for free.

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Steam uses .jpg probably because people also tend to upload their screenshots to their public Steam screenshots folder thus Valve conserves a ton of bandwidth by defaulting to a lossy compression that produces smaller file size.

In other words they are not doing it because it is better, actually the end result is worse to look at, they do it because it is their financial interest to do so despite it being a worse choice.


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@Neo_Vallen I tried to hide the user interface using CTRL+F9 and it didn’t work at all. My first thought was, I must have changed the keybinding for it. I dipped into the settings to look and apparently the UI won’t hide…

Settings, Shortcuts, General; “Toggle User Interface Visibility” the shortcut key is Control_L-F9. Therefor I didn’t change it after all. After all this, I did change it to an unassigned key and now it works fine. The best option for real cool screenshots in game is to use “Toggle 3D View” :wink: Then we can also play without all the distractions.

I will get some shots and post them here.

Thanks for pointing this feature out.

You dont have to take screenshots if they are hogging all the space on the hard drive.
Thats easier.


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