Can't use EVEBOARD - Going Nutz

I am about ready to pull out all my hair. I cannot get eveboard to work for me. I have received my API key like a good little boy from eve online, and then when I go to the eveboard home page it says to enter my ID and my vcode (whatever the hell that is)… well,

  1. what is my ID;
  2. what is that vcode…

I tried to enter my API where it says ID & nothing happens. That page actually says NOTHING about how to actually use it and register with a new account so you can put your characters up, and various links are broken (e.g., there is a very friendly “OOOOPS” page that pops up when I click the given link. And now…

I’m going to bed hoping someone will help by tomorrow. TY

What you need is an api key:

You must first create an api key by following the link above. When you create your api key you will receive the key id and the verification code, both of which you will need when registering on eve boards.

On EveBoard, ID stands for Key ID and vCode stands for Verification Code
Hope that makes sense

Also remember that EVEBoard is not owned or managed by CCP. It is all fan resources… in this case good old Chribba.

But there will always be people here willing to help resolve your issues.

Via eveboard. under the ID and Vcode there is something that says CUSTOM api. click here. Click it.

It will take you the eve login page and automatically select all the required API info needed. Give it a name :EVEBOARD if you will… select a char and click submit. You will not see your key ID and and code.

Copy paste the info, login. It will say no character is registered then click on register. You can give it a password and it will then take you to settings to select what you want people to see.

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Ahhhhh, ok… will give this a shot… Ty all.

Let me know how it goes and if you have any issues

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